Ten Ways to Earn $20 Per Day Online

One of the first questions, and probably the most important that any budding blogger or entrepreneur may ask is how to make money online. Regardless of whether you plan to quit your day job and work full time from home, or if you just want to make a little extra money from the Internet, I am going to show you ten ways to earn $20 per day online.

  1. Multiple Niche Websites


Niche websites are also known as mini sites, and can become a fantastic income stream. Niche website owners first must find their niche, and then find appropriate keywords related to that niche. Then the webmaster makes multiple mini sites all related to the subject, using the appropriate keywords.


Once the websites are published, you can advertise them using PPC targeting, adsense and numerous other advertising methods that pay you if someone clicks on an advertisement.


Your initial aim is to have each site make you $1 a day. If you have 20 sites, all earning $1 a day, you can make $20 a day.


  1. Freelancing


Almost everyone has some sort of marketable skill. Maybe you are good at writing, or fixing old photographs. Or maybe you are a wizard with photoshop or another graphics programs?


All of these are marketable skills, and you can use them to make money online by freelancing. There are many different freelance websites out there, and a quick google search will bring up some of the very best available.


To start making money, all you need to do is decide what skills you have that are marketable, sign up for one or more freelancing websites, create your profile, and start applying for any suitable jobs that are posted.


As with anything, don’t expect overnight success or riches, freelancing can be hard work, and it can take time to build a good client base, but it is extremely rewarding, and you will find yourself earning $20 per day or more online within a few weeks.


  1. List Building


Building up a list of potential leads is an extremely important part of marketing.


No blog or website will get very far without a list of subscribers, and this is why list building is so important. (I cover this subject in detail in my newsletter, you can sign-up below) Marketers that are good at list building can make a lot of money from many an internet marketing niche.


To start making money while list building you should already know the market you want to go into, the product you want to sell, and have an idea of how you are going to drive visitors to your website.


Once you have all of that ready, you can start building your list by obtaining the contact information of every single potential customer as they land on a lead capture page, and before they are led to the main sales page.


Don’t think of this as merely creating a list of potential customers, but also as building a relationship with long term customers through promotional e-mails, newsletters, and anything else you strategically decide to send out.


When you have a list of customer’s contact information, you can send them weekly, or monthly e-mails with sales and promotional information. Depending on the niche you are in, you could also send a newsletter with hints and tips, and other important information.


As you build that important relationship with your customers, and they come to know you and your website, you will find that they begin to return to make purchases more often, and before you know it, you can be making $20 or more per day in sales.


  1. YouTube Videos


Many people don’t realize that you can actually make money with YouTube videos. The first thing you will have to do is make a great video with original content. “How To…” videos can also be very powerful.


Unfortunately, that video you have of you singing your favorite pop song probably won’t make you any money. Frown


Edit your video into something that is short, and watchable, and then upload it to YouTube. Any successful YouTube partner will tell you that you have to regularly upload new content in order to become successful, so continue making, and uploading your videos.


If one of your videos gets enough views, YouTube will send you an e-mail giving you the option to “apply for revenue sharing with your video.” However, this e-mail may only allow you to make money from one particular video.


So, once you have enough video uploads, and views, go to the YouTube website and apply for partnership on their partner program page. Once you are approved, you can start earning revenue from all of your videos.


  1. Fiverr


Fiverr is a relatively new website where you can sell many different services (very diverse!) for $5 . Again, you have to decide what skills you have that you can sell, for example, writing custom greetings, creating videos, or writing songs. The list of gigs available is endless.


Once you have decided on a service to provide, sign up for Fiverr, and post that service. When people hire you, you will be paid $5 each time. There are also ways to make more than $5 as your reputation on Fiverr builds.


  1. PPC (Pay Per Click)


Making money online with PPC can take a little time, however simply put… you sign up for Google Adwords or a similar service and start creating ads and bidding on key phrases or words.


Alternatively, you can use PPC affiliate programs and then place your ads and links in as many places as possible online. Then, as people click the links or advertisements, you will be paid a small commission. This can add up quite quickly to $20 or more per day.


Adwords is a lucrative methods to make money online if used correctly, however it can burn a large hole in your pocket if you promote the wrong products. Again, I cover this subject in detail within the free members area of this website and via the newsletter. You can register for Affiliate Classroom on the right sidebar of this page. Its free to join.


  1. Selling Advertising Space on Blogs


If you own a website or blog, you can earn money by selling advertising space. Basically, people pay to have their business or website advertisement placed on a high-ranking website or blog to increase their traffic and search engine page ranking.


To be successful with this, it helps to have a blog that is already established with a relatively high ranking and reasonable amount of regular daily traffic.


Your advertising revenue will be dictated by your visitor flow, build regular traffic to your site before you consider this option, remember your advertiser will want to see a return for their investment.


  1. Membership Sites


Membership sites are groups of blogs and websites that offer information that can only be accessed by its members.


Many membership sites will offer some information to everyone, and then more in depth information to members who pay a monthly or yearly subscription. For example: a graphics blog may offer basic tutorials for everybody, but more complicated and detailed tutorials for its paying members.


Membership sites are a very sustainable business model. Posting regular, current and informative content is they key to the success of this method. Membership sites take time to develop, the fruits however are there for the entrepreneur prepared to commit the time and effort required.


  1. Solo Ads


quickest way to make money you can make money in two ways with solo ads, both buying and selling. To make money buying solo ads, you would contact a website owner with a large subscriber list and request your ad to be sent out to that list.


The success of this campaign will depend on the strength of the offer you broadcast and the receptiveness of the list. Ask the list owner questions to establish wither his / her list will be open to your suggestion before you proceed. There is no point in sending an email to a list of marathon runners if you are selling deckchairs!


If you already have a large subscriber base you can offer the above service to other marketers. If you don’t not have a list yet, as I discuss in #3. List Building – build one!


The majority of the 10 methods discussed in this article will be easier with a subscriber list already in place. If you want to know how to build your list join my FREE newsletter.


  1. Forum Marketing


A quick and effective way to make money online. You simply sign up for forums that are related to your niche, and put your website URL or affiliate link in your profile / forum signature.


You then talk to people, give advice, and form relationships, and that is usually enough to start driving people to your website or blog.


I have produced a video specific to this topic in Edition 3 of my free weekly newsletter.


Final Thoughts


Earning $20 per day online using the above techniques is well within the grasp of anyone prepared to commit to the challenge. The fact that much more can be earned is true. Application of what you learn is the key. Utilize my free newsletter, (final request, promise!) and learn how to accomplish the above in a few weeks.


Many people looking to make money online, never actually apply themselves properly. They move from one opportunity to the next and earn zilch. In one years time they are still trying. You will still be around in twelve months, make a difference to your life and commit yourself to the learning process.

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